Train Support Vector Machine (SVM) with RBF kernel on part of IRIS dataset and classify the rest.
Uses two first values of a datapoint as x,y mapped with max/min boundary to width/height of canvas.

Using svm.js by

Click for node and CTRL-click on two nodes to create an edge



Eigenvectors of the calc. Laplacian Matrix found with matrix.js by

Learning XOR is the hello world of neural networks (NNs) using supervised learning. I've added a few more logic gates to the example code, including NOT that requires 1 instead of 2 neurons in the input and hidden layer. Also optimized/refactored it a little, and added own display of the truth table from the 2D-arrays with the training data (INPUT) and the ideal data (IDEAL). The Resilient Propagation (1992) is more efficient and modern than the Backpropagation (1970s) learning algorithm.




Based on example using the Encog Javascript library.

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